Our Impact

We held our first fundraiser in July, 2018. In less than one year, we have

Investigated 5 potential sex trafficking cases
Assisted in the search and rescue of 5 young girls
Targeted 2 sex traffickers
Moved a young victim and her family to a safe place
Provided direct assistance such as food, clothing and counseling to special victims
Helped law enforcement shut down illicit massage businesses
Spread awareness of human trafficking to Bay Area schools
Helped create San Mateo County’s Human Trafficking Initiative
Provided financial assistance for emergency/interim housing for victims

Our Mission

To stop the sex trafficking of kids in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our Vision

Over half a million children go missing in the US each year and are believed to be commercially sexually exploited. Sex trafficking is the fastest growing business of organized crime in the word because it is hidden.

The victims are too young and too scared to testify against violent criminals. We believe a Public Private Partnership between local communities and law enforcement is the only way to solve this hidden crime.

By creating a network of safe homes, schools, private investigators, computer crime analysts and law enforcement, we can rescue and save these children. If we can stop sex trafficking in the Bay Area, we can stop it across the United States.

Our Belief

We believe in the Bay Area.
We believe that its success depends on keeping our children safe,
That every child has value,
That we must proactively look for runaway and missing children,
That ridding our community of sex traffickers is imperative,
That law enforcement in the Bay Area needs our help,
That a safe Bay Area is everyone’s responsibility.

Want to help us?

Please donate so we can hire more private investigators and provide direct assistance to young victims.
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Together, we can stop sex trafficking of kids.

We have a team of heavy hitters, but we can’t do it with out you.
Be A Hero.
Donate today and help us save the next girl.

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