Case Solved: Man Arrested In San Bruno For Selling Sex

He Made Money Selling Young Women For Sex.

We Hope He Comes Up With A Better Business Plan In Jail.

Special Operations works very closely with The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office on sex trafficking. So, when a tip came in that a man was selling young women for sex out of a house in San Bruno, the Sheriff’s Office took immediate action.

Investigations and surveillance tactics, including traffic stops, led law enforcement to the conclusion that females were being advertised on and sold for sex inside the house. The team gathered enough evidence to obtain a search warrant of the home.

They then sent in an undercover officer who was solicited for sex. The man was arrested and 4 young women were saved. Further investigation revealed that this criminal also sold young women for sex out of other houses in the area – one of which was directly across the street from Serra High School.

Proactively targeting and arresting him may have prevented young high school girls from being kidnapped, raped and sexually exploited.