A Missing Underage Girl Is Home For The Holidays

Happy Holidays!

Thanks to our generous donors, Special Operations helped give a mother the best Christmas present she could ask for: her daughter.

“Ellie” went missing last summer. Ellie was classified as a “runaway” even though her mother had reason to believe she was being sold for sex. In California, it is not a crime for a 17-year old to run away from home, so there were no Amber Alerts nor any sense of urgency from law enforcement.

Ellie’s mother was frantic. Luckily, she reached out to a local safe home who called us. We immediately hired a private investigator who was given the Power of Attorney to find Ellie. He vigorously investigated the case helping with search parties, interviewing her friends and family, working with computer crime specialists, and elevating the case within law enforcement.

About a month later, Ellie was found in a prostitution sting in Santa Clara County. We are trying to help her begin a new life. Like most special victims, Ellie does not want to testify against the man who hurt her. We are proactively working to bring this violent criminal to justice so he cannot continue to prey on other girls in our community.

“I was so frustrated that police were not actively looking for Ellie. I truly do not believe Ellie would have been found without Special Operations. ” — Ellie’s Mother

Even in wealthy Silicon Valley neighborhoods, pimps are canvassing high schools, promising young girls Chanel bags if they “just do them one favor.” Will you please consider donating this holiday season so we can continue to rescue and rehabilitate girls like Ellie? We are a volunteer based organization and 100% of your donation goes directly towards stopping sex trafficking of children in the Bay Area.

Thank you for helping us keep kids safe in the Bay Area.

With gratitude,
The Special Operations Team

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