Jenny*, her mother, and younger sister were trapped inside their home.

The same men who raped and sold Jenny for sex when she was 14 years old had returned a few years later. They were lying in wait outside her home to kidnap her again. This time, Jenny’s younger sister was also at risk.

Jenny’s mom reported to police that men were sitting in a car outside their home. The police advised that the men were allowed to park their car there. As is typical in sex trafficking cases, Jenny was too scared to tell the police what these men had done to her. She and her family had been threatened they’d be killed if they told anyone. Consequently, law enforcement did not have the full story.

Special Operations sent in an SUV and had the family relocated to a nice hotel in a different city. This intervention gave the family time to plan their next steps. Jenny returned to a safe home which provides counseling and education. Her mother and younger sister were able to move to a different neighborhood.

A helping hand at the right time can drastically alter the trajectory of a girl’s life.

Sex trafficking is the fastest growing business of organized crime in the world because the victims are too scared to testify against the criminals. We help these girls find the safety and healing they need to be able to possibly, eventually, testify. When victims are empowered to testify, traffickers go to prison where they cannot prey on minors.

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There are men targeting young girls all over the Bay Area. The girls are often too trusting, believing the man is their boyfriend and even the most engaged parents may not realize what is going on until after tragedy strikes. Special Operations is a Public Private Partnership between the community and law enforcement that helps rescue victims and target criminals. We are a 501(c)(3) and 100% of your tax deductible donation goes directly towards keeping kids safe in the Bay Area. Please donate now.

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*name changed