Sex trafficking happens in affluent Silicon Valley neighborhoods.
Pimps are using underage boys as “boyfriends” to lure younger girls away.

Emily*, 14, disappeared from a nice Bay Area neighborhood.
Our Private Investigator found her.

Emily’s parents were very protective. They even had parental controls on her phone and her computer. After all, she was only 14. Now she’d disappeared and they were frantic. What happened? Was she even alive?

Was there a boyfriend? No, Emily’s parents had insisted she was too young to date. Here’s what they didn’t know: Emily had a crush on a 16-year-old boy she met on Instagram. She snuck out of her house to meet him. As Emily got in the car, she realized the boy’s older brother was driving and three older guys were in the back.

In the shadowy world of sex trafficking, pimps often use underage boys to lure younger girls.

Emily’s parents filed a police report and the officers assumed this was just a brief runaway. Special Operations’ private investigator recognized the signs. The private investigator interviewed Emily’s friends, tracked down the “boyfriend,” and convinced him to bring Emily home right away. Emily was too scared and ashamed to tell the police and her parents the full story. Because of our private investigator’s exceptional training and patience, Emily revealed to him that she had been raped and sold for sex.

Law enforcement is now conducting a thorough investigation.

It takes a community working with law enforcement to stop sex trafficking of kids right here in the Bay Area. We can not continue doing this work without you.

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There are men targeting young girls all over the Bay Area. The girls are often too trusting, believing the man is their boyfriend and even the most engaged parents may not realize what is going on until after tragedy strikes. Special Operations is a Public Private Partnership between the community and law enforcement that helps rescue victims and target criminals. We are a 501(c)(3) and 100% of your tax deductible donation goes directly towards keeping kids safe in the Bay Area. Please donate now.

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*name changed