Because of your support, Ellie is doing well.

The following is a happy update on Ellie from New Day for Children, one of our partner safe homes.
It wasn’t that long ago that Ellie was on the streets, drug addicted and beaten by the man who sold her for sex. Living on the streets and being treated like a commodity to be bought and sold, Ellie turned to drugs to cope with her trauma. She was blessed to be found by a wonderful detective, who put her in the hospital until she could be accepted to New Day and our partner school. This detective went above and beyond to help and visited her in the hospital; he even brought her snacks and magazines to help pass the time. Today, Ellie is well on her way to healing physically, emotionally and spiritually. As she heals, New Day for Childrenwants to open her eyes to the many possibilities in life, so last week she went on her first college tour! Ellie also loves cars and is very knowledgeable about them, so maybe she’ll be a mechanic?! Whatever she chooses, it is wonderful to watch her think about her future and to dream; none of this would be possible without you. Because you have walked with her, Ellie will go far. Thank you!
Sex trafficking is the fastest growing business of organized crime in the world because the young victims are often too scared to testify against the criminals. Special Operations helps these girls find the safety and healing they need to potentially testify. When victims are empowered to testify, traffickers go to prison where they can not prey on minors.

It’s because of your support that we are able to rescue girls like Ellie. If you’d like to help us keep kids safe from sex traffickers in the Bay Area, please donate today.

There are men targeting young girls all over the Bay Area. The girls are often too trusting, believing the man is their boyfriend and even the most engaged parents may not realize what is going on until after tragedy strikes. Special Operations is a Public Private Partnership between the community and law enforcement that helps rescue victims and target criminals. We are a 501(c)(3) and 100% of your tax deductible donation goes directly towards keeping kids safe in the Bay Area. Please donate now.

Thank you for helping keep kids safe from sex trafficking in the Bay Area.

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