We rescued her from Bay Area sex traffickers. Please read — this could happen to any one of our daughters.

She is 15-years old, she is from a nice family, and she enjoyed going to the shopping mall with her friends. She believed the guy she met at the mall when he flirted with her and said he’d like to take her on a date.

She has been missing since June.

Her parents were frantic and called the local police department immediately. Law enforcement classified her as a “runaway” and her case was placed in a file folder with 28 similar cases. Weeks passed and the police had no results. The parents reached out to Special Operations.

We found her and brought her home safely.

She was being sold for sex for $240/hour through social media. Since this is a case in progress involving sex trafficking of minors, we are not able to reveal too much, but here’s what we can tell you: Once we learned about the case, we immediately dispatched private investigators. They developed leads and found confidential informants.

The investigators brought their findings back to local law enforcement, who, because of the work we did, began searching for her. Because our investigator was able to show this was a crime — sex trafficking of a minor — and not just a “runaway,” this girl was saved.

“Thanks again for all your hard work on this. There is no way she would be safe right now without you and your staff!” — Law Enforcement

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Evil exists when good people don’t stop it.

Please help us keep our Bay Area communities safe for kids.

About Special Operations
There are men targeting young girls all over the Bay Area. The girls are often too trusting, believing the man is their boyfriend and even the most engaged parents may not realize what is going on until after tragedy strikes. Special Operations is a Public Private Partnership between the community and law enforcement that helps rescue victims and target criminals. We are a 501(c)(3) and 100% of your tax deductible donation goes directly towards keeping kids safe in the Bay Area. Please donate now.
Thank you for keeping kids safe from sex traffickers in the Bay Area.

Thank you for helping keep kids safe from sex trafficking in the Bay Area.

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