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MISSING: 13-Year Old Girl In San Francisco

Sienna Carter, a 13-year-old girl from Fort Bragg, California disappeared Friday afternoon, January 3, in San Francisco. We want to find her.

Sienna along with her mother, grandmother, and little sister had driven to UCSF’s Madison Clinic for Pediatric Diabetes (1500 Owens Street) seeking care for Sienna’s 10-year-old sister. According to Sienna’s aunt Melinda Buckner, Sienna asked her mom and grandmother if she could “go wait in the car because she wasn’t feeling good” and “when they went to check in on her she was gone.” At approximately 4:00 pm and two miles across the city, restaurant server Jaclyn Davis was starting her shift and noticed “this little tiny person” shivering in the ally. Jaclyn invited the girl inside the restaurant and grew concerned that a young girl was seemingly alone in the city. At approximately 6:30 pm, the girl abruptly left the restaurant and “following my gut” Jacklyn chose to pursue. The young woman walked quickly and met a man, they embraced and walked off on foot. Jaclyn observed the pair meticulously “to make sure that no matter what, I could identify them again”.

Yesterday, January 4, Jaclyn’s co-worker forwarded her a screenshot of a Facebook post that described a missing girl from Fort Bragg, California. Jaclyn knew immediately upon seeing the post that the young woman she had taken care of Friday night was, in fact, Sienna Carter. At this point, Sienna’s whereabouts are unknown.

Bart Buckner, Sienna’s grandfather, provided the name of the investigating officer (Scott Hallahan) and the case number associated with Sienna’s disappearance (2020-00009).

Sienna is 5’ 3’’ and weighs approximately 100 pounds. She was last seen wearing a blue and pink dress, tank top, and black/white Converse. If you see a young woman matching Sienna’s description, or know of her whereabouts, please contact UCSF Police Department at (415) 476-6911.

Please feel free to share this information with friends and family. We will provide updates on the case on our Facebook page. Together, we can help bring Sienna home.

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*Name has been changed to protect the victim’s identity.

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